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If you read nothing else, read this: You are all invited to meet Jennifer Rardin on Saturday November 7th, and the Club has an exclusive Lunch with her in the theater from 12 noon to 1 pm. Jennifer will be signing in the store from 1-4 pm.

I also hope to see lots of you at our next meeting, Sunday, November 29th!

But I hope you do keep reading, of course!

The October meeting was lots of fun, thanks to all those who made it out!

We met inside the cafe, the weather was a little dreary, and we arranged the tables into more of a conference arrangement, which I think helped a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on some good conversations! I always learn so much from all of you, the way you judge what you do and don't like in a book always gives me some new insight the next time I read.

We discussed October's reads, Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin, and Burning Wild by Christine Feehan. Most people seemed to like both authors, even though they are vastly different.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin:

Jennifer's style of writing is simple and filled with lots of little nods to film noir, but never takes it too seriously. The tongue-in-cheek comments made all of us grin while reading, and that's a good thing. The heroine is sharp, real and believable, even in the midst of unreal circumstances. Throw in a few Bond-esque contraptions and you have an interesting mix of paranormal adventure with comedic espionage. Certainly not the normal fare on the paranormal shelf, and quite a fun read for those looking for a straightforward story suitable for everyone. We would in fact recommend this series for young adults looking for something to read after tiring of the Twilight craze, as well as adult readers looking for a quick and fun series. The only complaint we did have was that perhaps it was a bit too light, those of us that enjoy romantic relationships in our stories were hoping for a bit more interaction between the characters.

(for new members: Our rating system consists of two ratings, fangs for overall enjoyability, and penises for the amount of erotic romance (a.k.a. smut! Both systems are a 1-5 system.)

4 fangs out of 5!

0 penises

Burning Wild by Christine Feehan:

Hot. That's what everyone said about Burning Wild. Some of the sex scenes can get a bit intense, so be warned! Jake, the main character can also be a bit of an ass, at least until he is saved from terminal jerkland by his lady love. Still, we do forgive him for some of his transgressions, his parents being what they were, and having the passions of a leopard seething inside him as well. The writing is very well done, in many ways far more engaging than her other books. We all appreciated the build up of the characters and their relationship to each other. Instead of throwing two people together and having them become intimate in a matter of days or weeks, this book actually extends the courtship over a long period of time. During this time we watch Jake progress from a self-serving, domineering rogue to a loving and caring man. We definitely wished there had been something more spectacular for the demise of his parents, suitable for the wrongs they imposed on their son. But all in all, the book hit all the marks for our readers, and was given very high praise!

4 fangs out of 5!

4 penises
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I met Jackie at GMX (a geek convention), she was one of the authors there. She really wanted dreads, and said all of the things I said about my hair before I decided to dread. She's very happy with the results, and I look forward to updates from her.

Before, with braids in for kinkyness:

Process pics and After: )
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My camera died the other day so now I have a new one. You guys may be seeig some random pictures from me, sorry if that's not what you want to see, but oh well. By the way, sometimes I cut pics and sometimes I don't. Kind of depends how I feel about them. If you don't like pics, and you don't know how to use a scroll button, you might want to remove me from your friends page. :-)

So, here's my hermies.

The one on the bottom is Valentino, my first crab. He has had a rough time lately, and lost his big claw on his last shed. It was my fault, I had let their cage go without a cleaning for a bit, and then he went down for a shed. That can take weeks sometimes, and the tank got really bad. So I caved and dug him out and cleaned the tank. It was really gross, and when I dug him out, he had already lost the claw. I was pretty much resigned to losing him, but he bounced back (as much as a crab can bounce, haha). He's doing much better now, he has even started to do some climbing again.

Valentino. You can see the space where his claw should be. It should grow back, but it will take a while.:

Garbo. When I first got her several months ago, she was painfully shy. If anyone walked by the tank, she clicked back into her shell. Now she is very brave and climbs all the time!

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With all this rain, I'm getting lots of converting and painting done at work!

Here's where the Medusoul grinder is today. I tried several claw options for the left hand, but none of them looked right to me. I settled on the tomb scorpion tail that was in our bit box, and imagined it striking out with a extended tongue lashing motion per the specs. Anyway, it seemed to fit. I didn't get a good shot of the muscle tissue on the tongue whip, but it looks pretty good. The angle of the full body pic makes the whip look like it's stuck on funny, but it looks like it's pulled back and ready to snap out and touch someone. :-)

Got the boltgun metal base down on the legs, which took forever, I went into all the crevices because I don't want a drybrushed look on this one. My other grinder is pretty regular looking. I'm going for a newish metal look, but there will be depth and a bit of weathering on the edges. Brought the purple up to a brighter hue, decided to match with the accent color in my Tzeentch pallette. Obviously I still have to do highlights and shadows.

Did the washes on the Blue Scribes:

They are very silly and cartoony, but I like them that way. :-)
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Worked on her a bit today, got her primed and basic colors in except for the metallics:

I couldn't tell when I was working on her, but the seam where my greenstuff is on her hipline is a different texture. It doesn't show when looking at the model itself, but now it bugs me! Maybe I will do a little work on that tomorrow.
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Here's my Blue Scribes. They are still in progress, I'm considering flames on the back of the disc, and I still need to touch up some of the green stuff, and put a gem on the altar.

The base and holographic eye are from an old pewter collectible, it had a wizard and a couple of weird lizard guys on it at one time. Took them off, made the book and the scrolls from green stuff. Still have to raise up the whole thing and put it on a flying type base, and work on the overall paint some more, I've not done any washes yet.

Here's my Medusa Soul Grinder:

Top was once a McFarlane figure, greenstuffed her into a SG base. Of course she still needs to be primed and painted, but I'm pretty stoked so far. I collect Medusas, so this is definitely "me".
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The hafla was small but wonderful, I think I saw some of the best dancing I've seen in a while! Linda and Xenia were there, and I felt okay kicking back and watching this time, because my knee is unhappy with the current weather.

I will post pictures when I get them, all I've seen is videos, and they are posted on my Facebook.

Sunday was a very full day, Michael and I went to take his pants to Cesar to get them altered. This will be his first pair of Tripp pants, because he can never find pants long enough in his waist size! So I figured out that if he buys extra large pants, they are long enough, we just have to get them taken in. These are white Tripps, which are very different, usually you just see black ones. He is going to be a goth/steampunk angel for the Halloween party at the club. I'm going as a demoness, which makes perfect sense.

Then we headed over to meet Corey to see about getting involved with Dagohir, which is a medieval fantasy foam fighting organization. We haven't been to any SCA events because Corey is a little worried about his hand after all those surgeries on it. But, he still wants to hit people (who doesn't??), so I talked to some gamers I know from the store and they were so nice! When we got there, they were super nice too, which was really awesome. The attitude there is much more gamer-like, and lighthearted. The only anger I saw was when one of them would get clocked in the groin! Anyway, Corey and Michael both seemed very interested, they watched for about 30 minutes before I pointed at them as our friend walked by, and he got them waivers and loaner weapons. They went at each other immediately!

Then they both went with the group (about 30 fighters showed up) for a forest battle of capture the flag. They had a wonderful time, both of them said it was a great workout, and they are already planning out their new weapons!
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I met the graverobber from Repo and it was definitely a squee moment for me! It's a lousy picture, but I don't care!!

I also got to be in the shadow cast for Dr. Horrible, which was cool, I played the female newscaster and the reporter taking notes during the final scene. There are no small parts, people!

I met the Apparition Abolishers (besically Steampunk Ghostbusters):

Also hooked up with some cool authors, hoping to get them to the store. And I bought a set of graphic novels, mostly because there was this fabulous stuffed rockmonster in the story that I fell in love with. I loved him so much I took him to dinner:

But all he wanted was a Coke. (see more at http://www.thedreamlandchronicles.com/)

Also, the talented Sam Flegal Medusafied me:

I really liked GMX, it was small enough to be able to move around freely, and get to meet new people. I would definitely go next year!


Oct. 2nd, 2009 10:31 pm
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Here's where I'll be Saturday:


I thought we'd be camping, but Corey has to work. Still, I'm looking forward to GMX!

and here's the coolest thing I saw today:
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Gaming at Sherlocks Cafe Sunday October 4th!

(and every first Sunday of the month)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

...as well as all the other games everyone brings to share!

Giveaways every odd hour!
Angus burgers, pizzas, import and domestic beers!
All types of games welcome--board, card, wargaming, tabletop RPG, classics. See you there!

Try New Games-Make New Friends!

Jill Fazio

Sherlock's Books and Hobbies

200 Maddox-Simpson Pkwy

Lebanon, TN 37090


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If you missed our meeting on Sunday, you missed a great time! There was an abundance of raucous laughter, and talk of smut vs. non-smut. I’ve always said that this bookclub is not for the faint of heart, and you ladies prove it! I haven’t laughed that much in a long time!

Our two books to discuss were Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn.

The consensus seemed to be that BMR was a good read, but really much better if you were already a Kenyon fan. How hard it must be to bring in new readers when you are over twenty books into a series! Sherrilyn does all she can to give background for the new reader, and succeeds as well as can possibly be done, but the very nature of the world she has developed over the years makes it difficult to explain in a few paragraphs.

Even the die hard Kenyon fans were a little less than thrilled with this undertaking, however. It seemed to lack some of the flow of previous books, and while the characters and story were enjoyable, there were portions of the tale that went on longer than they needed to. Still, it should definitely be in the grasp of every true Kenyon fan, as it continues the storyline and ties up some loose ends in previous books. A good read, but not her very best.

3 fangs

1 penis

(for new members: Our rating system consists of two ratings, fangs for overall enjoyability, and penises for the amount of erotic romance (a.k.a. smut! Both systems are a 1-5 system.)

Kitty and the Midnight Hour is a fast and engaging romp with a character that we all found enjoyable. Carrie puts the reader right in the fur with Kitty as she travels with her pack, and brings in a lot of real lupine behavior traits. Some of us wanted Kitty to be tougher, but she has to find her own toughness, and does so by the end. I know I want to read the rest of this series, and the consensus was pretty much the same across the table.

Probably the only fault we could find with the story is that there is very little romance going on. Yet there are more books in the series, so smart money is on the bet that Kitty finds her passion later on. We also agreed that Kitty has great potential for younger readers, at least as far as the first book goes. We loved the idea of a werewolf DJ too!

4 fangs

0 penises


Book Selections for the month of October:

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin

Burning Wild by Christine Feehan


Book Selections for the month of November:

Covet by J R Ward

Darkest Night by Gena Showalter


I am also looking forward to our first author luncheon! Jennifer Rardin will be in for a signing on Saturday, November 7th. We will be reading one of her books in this month, so we will be familiar with her character, Jaz Parks. Since we are members of the bookclub, we get to have lunch with her in the theater before the signing, from 12-1 pm!

Judging from how cool she is online, it will be a great time! Jennifer is a member of the Bloodlust reading Club Facebook page, you should be too!


Sherrilyn Kenyon is coming! (just not sure when) Rumors about a November date are no longer valid, but clear your calendars for December 5th just in case!
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Yesterday I went with Jackie and Craig to the Greek Festival over in Nashville. It was hot and crowded, but lots of fun. I bought a bunch of Greek glass eyes, because I am an addict. Then I ate some souvlaki and spinakopita, drank a Mythos beer and watched some Greek dancing:

Then took a look at the Greek Orthodox church, which was really quite inspiring:

And I lit a candle. It was really awesome to me that you could buy a hand dipped beeswax taper and light it. At every Catholic church I've been to, you just use a stick and light a votive. These you stuck in the sand in front of the icon, and in the sand there were crosses drawn, like little zen gardens. Anyway, it was a lovely place.

Then we went to a Halloween store and I bought some stuff to be a devil. Here's Craig modeling the accessories!

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Gaming at Sherlocks Cafe Sunday September 6th!
(and every first Sunday of the month)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Richard, our Steve Jackson Games Representative, will be demo-ing Revolution! Also I have these games on loan from our distributor, available for you to play!:

Wooly Bully
Death Wears White
Halli Galli
Mr. Jack
Mission Red Planet
Race For the Galaxy
Chang Cheng

...as well as all the other games everyone brings to share!

Giveaways every odd hour!
Angus burgers, pizzas, import and domestic beers!
All types of games welcome--board, card, wargaming, tabletop RPG, classics. See you there!

Try New Games-Make New Friends!

Jill Fazio
Sherlock's Book Emporium and Hobby Center
200 Maddox-Simpson Parkway
Lebanon, TN 37090
Jill Fazio

Sherlock's Books and Hobbies

200 Madddox-Simpson Pkwy

Lebanon, TN 37090


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ISBN 9780441013814
Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

4 fangs out of 5!

Any reader of fantasy fiction goes into a book ready to suspend disbelief. There are mythical creatures dwelling in a world that accepts them as completely normal, and so we do the same. Sometimes it takes another breath to do that, a subconscious reminder to settle back into the story in order to enjoy it. And sometimes-- very rarely, you open the first page and fall into the story completely.

Moon Called is the kind you fall into and accept with no hesitation. Add to that a strong but not superwoman female character of Mercy Thompson, a couple of interesting but not sappy males for her to ponder, and an adventure that takes place within a densely illustrated werewolf hierarchy and you have the makings of a favorite book, and the hook that brings you back, clawing for more!

We all agreed that we would be reading the rest of this series, and also picking up the Alpha and Omega series which is set in the same world. I can only fault this first offering for the ending, which seemed to taper off a bit and not give the ‘wow’ factor I love to get right when I close the book after finishing. So, four fangs out of a possible five and thank you Mrs. Briggs for an enjoyable run with the pack!

ISBN 9780451216953
Dark Lover, by J. R. Ward

4 fangs out of 5!

Have you ever met a person and made a snap judgment about them based on something trivial, such as their hairstyle, or their irritating laugh? If you hung around and gave them a chance, you might find that there is a lot more under the surface, maybe even enough that you ended up being great friends. That is the case with Dark Lover. If we can warn you about one thing, we will warn you to keep reading despite the campy names for the members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Because even though they may make you cringe with their cheesiness, the writing is otherwise so engaging that it can be easily overlooked.

Those of us that love the erotic nature of vampire fiction will not be disappointed with Dark Lover. The romantic scenes are believable, torrid, and written with a flair too rarely seen in most erotic fiction. It is worth noting that the erotic scenes do not seem trite or misplaced. Too often we are faced with either too much or too little, and we felt that this title had a lovely balance.

The story itself has all the elements of a classic vampire tale, except for classic vampires. In fact, Ward’s take on the vampire mythos will challenge everything that you expect from vampires, in such a way as to keep you guessing about their motives. The only complaints we had were that the glossary seems a bit daunting at the beginning of the story (thought it is really hardly needed), and of course the odd names. Great writing, wonderful sex scenes, and a great ending make this a must read!


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