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or-- The Day the Mirth Stood Still

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I live just outside of Nashville Tennessee, with my amazingly beautiful and kind husband Corey. I am a lifestyle dominant, with a passion for footrubs, followed by a long nap. I am cursed/blessed with a ridiculously insatiable sex drive, so take it as a grain of salt when I flirt with you. I can't help myself, really. I whack off more than most sixteen year old boys. I am no lady, but I like to be called Ma'am.

I teach bellydance locally twice a week, and it's the best decision I've made in a while. Teaching and dancing truly make my heart happy.

We have two horses--a Percheron cross mare, Athena, and her gelding,a half Friesian named Aries.

We have two dogs-- Lessa, a Chi-weenie(Chihuahua/dacschund) and Prince, a schnoodle(Schnauzer/Poodle). They gain a +4 in annoyance when together!

Our kitties are--Firefly,Binx, (Mr. Lover-Lover) and Fulmina.

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"Stars fade like memory the instant before dawn.
Low in the east the sun appears, golden as an opening eye.
That which can be named must exist.
That which is named can be written.
That which is written shall be remembered.
That which is remembered lives . . ."

- from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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