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I was really thrilled at how well it went, it seemed to me to be the perfect blend of casual and formal, which is just as I'd hoped it would be. The crowd was small but interested in what we were doing, which was great. It was made even more perfect because [livejournal.com profile] cairech brought her dog, which growled at the perfect time at our straw goat. I'm still stoked about the whole thing. I loved Cedars, though I was unsure at first, because so many people were driving by when we got there, and then an older couple came and walked their dogs right through where we were set up. I still think that they were just being nosey. But after that it was quiet and really lovely. The stars are bright out there, and Patrick said he may bring his telescope to Bacchanalia.

Having two races was really a good idea, and the boys did really well in their parts. Rose was a bit emotional for some of it, it was the first time her kids had been part of any of the things we do, and I'm hoping that they ask to be involved in other celebrations. The food was great, but I didn't eat much, I think I'm on a downswing from eating so much up until then from stress.

Thursday March 16th is when we are hoping to do Bacchanalia, which I still have to get things ready for, but I'm pretty sure I want that one to be more like a party.

Thank to all those that braved the drive out to Lebanon to see us!

If you didn't make it out, you missed a nice time!

Me, with supercurls!

Rose, a little nervous.

The boys, I hope they remember this.


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