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So, I didn't really like the Feral Warpwolf or the pKaya (though now both are growing on me *sigh*), so I bought Morvahna (mistake!), two Arguses (Argii? lol), and the Pureblood Warpwolf. I didn't notice then that there are two different Argus sculpts in the starter box (right? That's not a repose of some sort in the stock pics, is it?), and now I am considering just buying the blasted box after all, We will see.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed was that I hated the tails! The one on the Pureblood looked like some sort of bondage rattail (nothing against bondage, but I draw the line at rodents.)! The ones on the Argus looked like an afterthought. Gee, maybe we should put a tail on these incredibly violent canines! I know, let's use this undersized one from a calvary horse...

Anyway, enough bitching. I love these models. I just like to mold things to my liking (a recurring problem in my relationships, by the way.) So, here's my puppies (bet you don't hear that everyday!):


The Pack:

Stupid Morvahna. Not really stupid, I'm just a newbie and not sure how to use her yet. Nice looking model, though:

I will update these models as they get finished. They have to wait until I finish my squads of ladies from 'the other guys'. They are actually close to done, just a lot of gilding left. Because there are so many, I had to find a scheme and style that was fast enough so they could actually be finished, but nice enough to show off the detail on them, which is why I got into SOB in the first place. So there is very little blending, mostly layered washes and wet highlighting. There will be writing on the purity seals, just haven't done it yet. The bases will be standard rock and grasses.

It has taken me a very long time to actually dig these back out and start working on them, so I'm forcing myself to finish before I move on to other painting!


Overexposed and crappy pic, but you get the idea.
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