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You may or may not know this about me, but I love zombie movies. It's really the only horror genre I truly enjoy anymore, and George Romero is the master. He has a new one coming out!


I sometimes wonder why I still like the zombie stuff, after I left most of the other horror movies I used to love behind. Of course I still love vampire and werewolf flicks, but they don't really scare me, deep down in my gut the way zombie movies do. Romero's are my favorite, but I also enjoyed Evil Dead, White Zombie and Serpent and the Rainbow. I liked The Ring, even though she was more of a spectre than a zombie, she sure looked like one.

I think that zombies are really the only thing that still creeps me out. A shuffling zombie, to me, is more frightening than a fast one--one of the reasons that I thought the Dawn of the Dead remake fell a bit short. A shuffler has that 'devil may care' attitude, ever present in the living dead, that he will simply chase you through eternity. You can run as much as you like but eventually, one will catch up. A zombie is very similar to Pepe LePew in that fashion, without the boinging.

Of course I consider Romero zombie flicks to be classics, perhaps not in a Hitchcockian way, but certainly something you can't recapture in a slick Hollywood fashion. The DoD remake was a solid flick, scary and suspenseful in all the right places, similar to the original with a good amount of time progression, but they made my sweet, shuffling zombies into hellcats of speed. They ran, and fast, without stumbling or being...well, dead-like. I know I am schooled into thinking that is how zombies should be, but as a zombie fan I know what I want in a deadie flick. Now Shaun of the Dead? Great movie!

Somehow, zombies should be entertaining, loveable in their ernestness to feed, and absolutely, positively unyielding. The fear is that things will always be this way, that everyone you knew is now eager to feast on your ropey intestines (after all, I've learned that anything loopy and ropelike is yummy zombie fodder!)and that there is no escape, the world as you know it is doomed--that is the fear factor. Zombies rule.


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