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Corey and I waited in line with the other hard core tattoo/horror people, and when I got to Judy, she was already partially booked for the afternoon. She'd known I was coming, but she says that things happen to even the most dedicated people, so she'd taken a couple of smaller pieces. So, We had a bunch of time to kill before she could start. She said not to worry, that she would totally make it up to me, (which she did!). I showed her a couple of images I'd snagged from the net, and then left her to 'brew'. She's kind of like me that way, she needs to think about things for bit before actually doing them, especially on me. I think she likes me because I take the pain really well.

The first guy was getting a cool skeleton mermaid demon, but I didn't get a picture. The girl after him was getting wings on her back. I'm not sure that she knew what she was in for with Judy, lol. When I came by she was in teary-eyed pain, but she was hanging tough. I got a picture of her:

Now, wings on the back are a pretty popular thing, and I've seen some good ones. I don't know if you can tell in the pic, but these are really nice, and they weren't even done. I saw her later and each feather was detailed and lovely.

Anyway, back to me! So, she started sketching, but the facial expression was becoming a problem. She would try one, and I'd nitpick a little, and she'd do another. I want my Medusa to have personality, somewhat sexy, but also mischievious, which is a delicate thing to achieve. I joked with her that I thought one time she might send me to look and make her have crossed eyes and her tongue sticking out for being so picky!

Anyway, we settled on the final expression, here's the sketch:

I knew we wouldn't get it done, it was like twice as big as I'd thought it would be, but it's also 1000 times cooler. I love the snakes, each one seems to have it's own personality!

This is the first time I saw her in Nashville, I usually go to the Knoxville tattoo fest to see her. In Knoxville, they know me, because I was crazy enough to get the big side piece from Judy there. Here, people just stared and whispered after me, sure I was insane, and not make it through something so big. My personality type only makes me grip even tighter to doing something when people think I can't, so they helped me without even realizing it!

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Once again I arrived in Knoxville a bundle of nervous energy. This time I knew what I was in for, where last time it was more of a spiritual journey. This time I had to really focus to remember why I had dedicated myself to putting this large amount of ink on my body. I tried to use the prayer I'd written as a mantra, over and over. This was before I even got to her booth!

There she was, working on a guy's arm, a beautiful black and grey angel:

We spoke briefly and she said she'd be another hour and a half, so I had lots of time to walk off some nerves. I poked around and looked at lots of other artist's books, but honestly, I saw very few artists that I liked. Like maybe two! I am very picky I guess, so it's a good thing I did find an artist I like, huh?

When I got back she had me lie down on a comfy hotel flat couch, which was so much more comfortable than the silly chair I had to use last year (this year they were back at the Hilton, and it was a much nicer event overall). We chatted a little, but I just said lots of stupid fangirl blabber that I'd rather forget. She was really happy that everyone seemed to like it so far though. I didn't have quite as much money as last year, so she worked on me this time for about four hours. She did a lot more work on the horseheads, and I realized why I'd ended there last time! Great gods did it hurt! The little section between your front and side abs was the worst, with the bottom of the ribs a very close second. A couple of times I had to stop her and refocus. I did a lot of concentrated breathing, meditative relaxation and praying, but it still hurt. I had lollipops this time, which helped a lot! For some reason my nose kept getting stuffy, which made it hard to do my breathing exercises, so I had to breathe only through my mouth for some of it.

Anyway, I made it through, obviously. I had a bit of a fan club, several of the other artists remembered the piece from last year, and would come by and ask me how I was holding up. The hardest part this time was that I couldn't see it! Oh, man, it was driving me nuts! I got to see some of it when I took a break to go to the bathroom, but I wanted to watch her add the color, you know? She's so talented, I thought maybe it might rub off on me a little.

I suggested "I'm a Judy Parker Whore" t-shirts, but she didn't think that was a good plan.

Right, so you want to see how it looks, yes? Here it was before:

Click here to see how it looked before.

And here it is now:

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Last Wishes Tattoo

Mary Wohlford, an 80-year old retired nurse in Iowa, has "do not resuscitate" tattooed on her chest in hopes that it will make her wishes clear if she is ever unable to communicate them verbally. From the Des Moines Register article:

"People might think I'm crazy, but that's OK," Wohlford said. "Sometimes the nuttiest ideas are the most advanced."

Medical and legal experts expressed doubts that Wohlford's tattoo would prove binding, either in the emergency room or in the courts, but they give her credit for originality.

"I'll be darned," said Bob Cowie, a Decorah lawyer and chairman of the Iowa Bar Association's probate and trust law section. He added, "There are easier ways to do it than that," such as signing a living will or authorizing a medical power of attorney.

Said Wohlford: "I don't believe in lawyers too much."
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By THOMAS WATKINS, Associated Press Writer

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

(03-28) 11:48 PDT Oceanside, Calif. (AP) --

Five tattooed skulls stretch from Marine Cpl. Jeremy Slaton's right elbow to his wrist, spelling out the word "Death." He planned to add a tattoo spelling "Life" on his left arm, but that's on hold because of a Marine policy taking effect Sunday.

The Marines are banning any new, extra-large tattoos below the elbow or the knee, saying such body art is harmful to the Corps' spit-and-polish image.

Slaton and other grunts are not pleased.

"I guess I'll get the other half later," grumbled the 24-year-old leatherneck from Eden Prairie, Minn. "It's kind of messed up."

For many Marines, getting a tattoo is a rite of passage. They commonly get their forearms inscribed to remember fallen comrades, combat tours or loved ones, and often ask for exotic designs that incorporate the Marine motto, Semper Fi, or "Always faithful."

Dozens of Marines from Camp Pendleton, the West Coast's biggest Marine base, made last-minute trips to tattoo parlors in nearby Oceanside before the ban kicked in.

"This is something I love to do," said Cpl. David Nadrchal, 20, of Pomona, who made an appointment to get an Iraqi flag and his deployment dates etched onto his lower leg. "The fact I can't put something on my body that I want — it's a big thing to tell me I can't do that."

Nadrchal said he is unsure whether he will re-enlist: "There's all these little things. They are slowly chipping away at us."

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James T. Conway announced the policy change last week.

"Some Marines have taken the liberty of tattooing themselves to a point that is contrary to our professional demeanor and the high standards America has come to expect from us," he said. "I believe tattoos of an excessive nature do not represent our traditional values."

The ban is aimed primarily at "sleeve" tattoos, the large and often elaborate designs on the biceps and forearms of many Marines. Similar designs on the lower legs will be forbidden as well. So will very large tattoos on the upper arm, if they are visible when a Marine wears his workout T-shirt. Small, individual tattoos will still be allowed on the arms and legs. (The Marines already ban them on the hands.)

Marines already tattooed are exempt from the ban but cannot add to their designs; anyone caught with fresh ink in the wrong places could be barred from re-enlistment or face disciplinary action. Getting a prohibited tattoo could constitute a violation of a lawful order, punishable by up to two years in prison and a dishonorable discharge, Marine spokesman 1st Lt. Brian Donnolly said.

Unit commanders must photograph and document sleeve tattoos to ensure Marines do not add to their ink.

The Marines and the other branches of the military already ban tattoos that could be offensive or disruptive, such as images that are sexist, vulgar, gang-related or extremist.

The Army, which has been doing most of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and is struggling to fill its ranks, actually relaxed its tattoo restrictions last year. Soldiers can now get ink on the back of their hands and the lower back of the neck.

The Navy last year decreed that tattoos visible while in short-sleeve uniform cannot be larger than the wearer's hand. The Air Force says tattoos should be covered up if they are bigger than one-quarter the size of the exposed body part.

Tattoo artist Jerry Layton at the Body Temple Tattoo Studio in Oceanside said he was booked up with Marines rushing to beat the deadline.

"These are guys that are dying in the war," Layton said. "They can fight, but they can't get a tattoo? It's ridiculous."
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One more visit and I think it will be done, you can check out the slideshow from start to where it is now, or click below to just go to the pictures.

Work is by Timba at Lone Wolf Tattoo, Lebanon, Tn.


Pics here: )
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Lucia seems to like Flickr, but I was being resistant to change, as usual. Figured I'd give it a try. More pictures to come of the Neptunalia and the Parthenon visit last month.

Here is Corey's Tattoo coverup, obviously in progress!

Joy of joys, I started this morning. That puts me a couple of days behind [livejournal.com profile] gypsy_raihana, so that means it's not my fault, it's hers!

My Tattoo!

Jun. 11th, 2006 12:34 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] mezzanotterose and I left about two hours later than we'd intended, but it was all good because the show didn't open until noon anyway. When I got there, I took 1/2 a xanax--I was very excited, and I needed to calm down. Anyway, I met Judy Parker(http://www.judyparker.org/)and she was funny and cool and sweet, just like I'd hoped she whould be. She still thought we were doing the mermaid (she explained later that she talks to a lot of people and it is hard to keep things straight), so I showed her the sketch (http://webpages.charter.net/jademermaid/neptunesketch.jpg) and she was immediately inspired, I could tell. She turned me this way and that, asked me a few questions, and then she just started drawing on me. Now to her this is 'doodling'; to me and most people, it was amazing. She took my idea and gave it such depth and emotion and detail, that when I went to look in the bathroom mirror I broke into tears! I am not one to get all emotional, but it was so beautiful, so far ahead of what I'd hoped for, that I couldn't contain my happiness. What a sap, I know. A woman in the bathroom, who was well-covered with tattoos, said it was beautiful, did I plan to try and do the whole outline today? I told her I was doing it all today, and she got real big in the eyes and just said...OW.

So while I walked back from the bathroom with the drawing on me, people were stopping me and asking me about it, and when they learned it was Judy, they ooohed and ahhed and told me I was very brave. I smiled and thanked them, not realizing what was going on until later. She had found me a big padded chair to lie on, which was hard on my knees because I kept sliding, and they make the artists cover all pillows, chairs and whatnot with plastic garbage bags. By the time it was overwith, my knees were quite unhappy with me. A couple more people came by the booth before she started and said if I made it through this, I was one tough lady. I said I was a tough lady, and I was not worried. I mean, I knew it was going to hurt, but these people were not helping me. I told them to go away because they were fucking with my head. They smiled and backed off.

Then Judy says to me, "You know what they call me, right?"

I said, "Call you? What do you mean?"

"My nickname. It's Jackhammer Judy."

I tilted my head a bit, because it sounded like something you would say to fuck with someone, and I am pretty wary about being messed with. But the artists in the next booth (Just about all the artists at this smaller sized show seemed to know each other) nodded their heads knowingly, told me again that I was very brave, and Judy explained the nickname.

See, I wanted Judy because I love her artwork. She is the only tattoo artist's work I've ever seen that made me just KNOW. I knew she would do it because she had a soft value line instead of hard outlines, but more than that, she knew how to accomplish dimension as well as perspective perfectly. And the big shiny bow on top was the fact that she specialized in sea creatures and mermaids.

In order to accomplish her style, she explained, she had to go over and over in many layers with a shading needle only (no outlines), and since I wanted color, she would go over the then shaded areas with successive washes of color, just like painting. This means that an area that was dark could be gone over many, many times. She was a little merciless about her speed, because she knew that if she left the area too long, the natural endorphines would wear off and it would be much harder to finish that spot. So, she was fast, merciless and repetitive--hence, Jackhammer. People chickened out from her tattoos often, in fact one guy paid her a deposit and then wimped out after twenty minutes- the tattoo I wanted would take at least four hours.

I tell you all of this because I did make it through, I was on her table for about five hours, though at the end I was in a place where every touch of that needle was like searing, white hot fire that shot past my skin and into my guts. I told her at that point that she had me for a few more minutes and then I was going to leap off of that table and I wasn't going to be able to stop myself! She could not do all the color that she wanted to, especially in the horses and in Neptune himself, but I will definitely be going back to get it finished by her. I wish I lived closer to San Diego, because I would be broke and covered in vicious art.

I will be going back to see her at some point for more color, though it is still finished enough to show off at this point. I entered it in the tattoo of the day at the show, and several people said I was a shoo-in, but I think the fact that it is not totally finished kept it down.

All through the day they had shows by a local burlesque troupe (http://www.whitelightninburlesque.com/index2.html) and they were really very good, but what really surprised me was how well two of the girls could sing--I mean belting out old numbers that I danced to all the time, All That Jazz, Fever, Stuff Like That There. Another plus was that they were hot and sexy without looking fake or untouchable. I was overjoyed to hear that old music again, and they were actually quite good as far as the bawdy spirit of burlesque, though I thought they should have done more dancing. But as we know, I am very critical of the new burlesque shows.

Enough blather. Pictures!

Lots of 'em!

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So here I am, I've been up since 4:00 a.m., and I'm waiting for [livejournal.com profile] mezzanotterose so that we can leave to drive to Knoxville. Today is the day I will be getting the Neptune part of my tattoo. I am somewhat nervous, and the three hours of sleep I've had have left me in a hazy, easygoing state, so I think I am less nervous than I would be normally. I know it is going to hurt quite a bit, but that bothers me less than I thought it would.

Here is the sketch I am going to bring. )

Sunday Rose and I are doing the Vestalia ritual, we moved it so that we could go right into the flamekeeping afterward without worrying about unattended flames. So for the next week we will be keeping a flame burning in honor of Vesta and her attendants. This is the third year we have done this, it just feels natural now. I baked a loaf of my honey bread to give as an offering yesterday.

Then it is getting the place ready for the Neptunalia. It has become a public ritual, which means more preparations, but on the other hand it means things have a solid goal. Corey and I hope to get the fenceline moved out this week, and I have to work on the area in the front of the door so that it looks presentable.

lots of work!
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It's on crappy paper, and I need to redraw it a couple of times before I actually put it on my body, but you get the idea. I want her eyes to be like mirrors, I think. I tried cat eyes, snake eyes and human eyes, didn't like any of them.

It would be very cool to add a pegasus flying up behind her later on. Someday when I have more money I guess.


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