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Corey is helping out down at the bookstore while he's laid off. I don't think he's all that thrilled about it--my man is a creature of habit and new things kind of make him nervous. But it will give us a few extra bucks and get him out of the house. Right now we are moving stuff around at the store-yes, again!! But think it will be great. They are putting the crafts/hobby section next to me so that I can answer questions, and moving the coffee table books and the cooking books into the cafe. The front room is going to be all kid's books, with an area for Liza's Saturday kid crafts and my summer RC and modeling classes. I think it will be great, I just hate moving the stuff!

In other news, the constant rain has given me a short supply of spoons lately. I refer to the spoon theory from time to time in relation to my arthritis, because it is so true and hard for anyone without chronic pain or illness to understand. For instance, right now I have enough mental fortitude to get through work and get home and let the dogs out and bathe before bed. When I stay late at work, like last night, I can feel parts of my facade start to crumble. I can't stay focused on the work I am doing as well as I did before, and the pain starts to spill through the cracks and move to the forefront. That's when I said I was clocking out. I know when my spoons are gone.

When I went just now to link to the spoon theory, I see that they have made it a PDF and want to start selling it on little posters. It's been free on the net for years, so I think this is silly. Here's the story with all the credits, if you have never read the spoon theory, it will help you to understand how daily life is for folks with daily challenges.

The Spoon Theory. )
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Okay, I finished the DVD, I have class tonight, so let's hope I'm not too worn out.

It seems like I get a lot less spoons* these days. Might be the weather, might just be ol' Arthur messing with me.

*I haven't mentioned it for a while, but my arthritis lends itself well to the Lupus spoon theory. If you ever wonder how I get through the day, read this: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/spoons.htm


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