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Look here, Iupiter.
this altar bears your name,
all-seeing, greatest and highest.
Part the clouds for only a moment and look here,
father of all, much honored, lightning maker,
look here and accept this offering and make sacred this place.
If anything is displeasing to you, accept this wine and remove my fault.


I took some liberties with this one, since it isn't officially an altar for the state, but I still washed beforehand and wore my chiton and covered my head with a veil. The Festival of Iupiter was over the weekend, and Corey and I got the stones for this altar, but he really wanted to do the stonework himself, so he did. He is definitely a hands on guy, and I think that even he was set on things being done well because of the lightning strike along the side of this tree. The altar is right beneath it, on the NW axis from the center.

I did not get to do the niches, but that might be best until I decide which statues I want to use. I'm eyeing a really nice one for Neptune, but it's more than I can spend right now.
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This morning I woke up somewhere around five am. Since Corey's folks have been here, I have not made material offerings at my lararium, I just touch it and say a few words in the morning to let them know that I have not forgotten them. Corey's folks know what I do, but I don't want to come off as fanatical, and incense makes Judy sneeze anyway. I've been so busy running around with Judy that I haven't really taken any time to do anything special, and no one was awake this morning but the animals and me. This morning it was very foggy here, and it is still a little misty even now. The shrine is like a private mountain when it is foggy like this. You can't see the road or the fences of the neighbors, just the horses, plodding around in the mist, looking grey and somehow unreal.

I've been working on my augury and haruspicy skills lately, in fact Patrick is hoping to appoint me as provincial haruspex soon, so I have been trying to hone my divination skills in this area. I went out to the shrine, which I admit I've not been doing lately, and a calm rolled over me as I sat on the bench and asked the gods to show me what they wanted me to see. First, Aries came out of the mist and snuffled at me. Then he turned to the right (a good sign) and walked down to the pasture. While I was watching him, my eyes passed over my neglected stones. I want representations, but I just haven't seen the 'right' thing, and I am worried about putting a statue out there that might get broken. I thought in my head, "Maybe I should make little niches for the statues, sort of like wall niches, but built of stones or concrete." As soon as that thought crossed my brain, a huge flock of starlings came from my left side and with a lot of scuffling and noise, alighted above me in Jupiter's tree.

I said thank you and left, because sometimes the gods shouldn't have to smack you in the head like that. I plan to have at the very least, the niche built for Jupiter by the Festival of Jupiter on November 12th, and a niche on his altar and Neptune's statue in place by the Festival of Neptune/Poseidon on the 1st of December. During the winter, I will need to work on a suitable representation of Jupiter and a niche for the Diana bust, though I feel as though hers may be slightly different than the others, I might make it from wood and antler.
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Gens Galeria at the War Memorial, Nashville:

Gens Galeria + [livejournal.com profile] black_whiteboy at the Neptunalia.

(notice that while [livejournal.com profile] l_galeria_mira and [livejournal.com profile] black_whiteboy are unable to be seen, Aries has managed to have his headshot included!)

I enjoyed the Neptunalia, but I will admit that the ritual was not what I wanted it to be. This is my fault, I should have written it myself and not left it in the hands of others. If I had it to do over again, I would have had [livejournal.com profile] mezzanotterose walk the route with me, and said the words with me holding the book between us as we usually do. I would have kept [livejournal.com profile] black_whiteboy's oath call and return, because that was the official part, and the part that made me the most nervous. It's amazing how easily I am thrown off track when I am not in control. I often wish that weren't the case, but it just makes me nuts to not be doing the preparing and presenting of things like this.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, and Metellus and Corey worked so hard with me on getting the house into presentable shape. They are the sweetest men I know.

By the way, this shrine is a public one, to the extent that you just need to call first and let me know you are coming out. You can leave offerings here to land spirits, the celestial gods, Neptune, Jupiter or Diana. If you live out of state, and want an offering made, just let me know, that's my job now.
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Today is the summer solstice, the day with the most sunlight and the shortest night. It is a good time to start the process of consecrating the space, but the weather is quite hot, so I waited until late afternoon to start. I washed and said the prayer of ablution (May this water cleanse me, as rain cleanses the air), and then made a sacrifice of incense, milk, olive oil, honey and salt at my lararium, and said the following prayer:

Di Deaeque veneror, qui haec locum colunt, precor quod rem meam
propter quem veni vobis propitie respecta sit.

(You Gods and Goddesses, who cherish this place, reverently I pray
that the purpose for which I have come to this place may be looked
upon favorably by you.)

Then stated my intention:

It is my intention to erect, sanctify, consecrate, and dedicate a
shrine and altars here to Iuppiter Summanus, Neptunus, and Diana.

Then I took all my things outside. It was quite hot, and I had to walk around to the outside of the roped off area, because I decided not to cut the gate until I had favorable signs. I used a compass and marked the directional cross at the middle of the space with baby powder (it works well!), and began to set up my altar to the Penates. I found a rock closest to round that I could, arranged a circle of firewood on it, and used a turtle shell that I had found last year on the land as an offering bowl.

More behind the cut, with pics. )
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This is the first of a series of entries detailing the establishment of sacred shrine space in the ancient Roman way on my property in Lebanon, TN.

Documentation will follow, but this first entry will explain why I decided to do this and the steps I have taken so far in the many steps involved in this project.

There will actually be two seperate shrines and likely more as time goes on, but of these first two, one is a private shrine to Neptunus, which will be just outside my side door, and the main shrine under the large trees will be dedicated to Iupiter, Neptunus and Diana. The private shrine will be focused more on his oceanus aspects, which, while not favored in Rome, are of personal interest to me.

Deciding on the area for the main shrine was done for me several months ago when lightning struck one of the large trees there. It carved a channel of bark down the side, like a big fingernail scratch. In Roman belief, this means the area was chosen by Iupiter to become sacred space dedicated to him. The Romans, however, often used the same space and put many altars on it, and so in realizing this, we noted that the area is washed by rain runoff regularly, in fact we call the area 'the wash', which puts it in the realm of Neptunus' fresh water aspect, and it is also next to our wooded section, putting it in the realm of Diana Nemorensis. It is possible that we will add more altars later.

The main shrine, which will be used for public and private rites will be erected as close to the ancient way as possible, and this dedication entails many steps. First I have plotted out the land and enlisted my husband to start with fencing it off, mostly because I don't want to take any chances of injury to my horses which run free on the property, and also to make the area more accessible from the back door.

I plan to have this place in usable condition for the upcoming Neptunalia, on July 23rd. Last week I enlisted the help of a friend to help me with water collection, to be done from each of the four surrounding bodies of water. This evening I have also collected rain from a storm. These are all part of the process, which I hope to have broken down to clear steps in my next post.

The first step is the placement of an offering in the west section of the area to the genii loci, or local land spirits, of milk, wine, honey and incense. I will be doing this in the coming week.


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