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Last Monday, we had an informal but I think very nice ritual for Floralia. Rose and her daughter Cheyenne came over and made flower garlands and dressed the altar. I think it's the prettiest one we've had so far:

Click for full size

I read a poem that I found and made some modernizations to. I really liked it, and it seemed to work with the evening:

To Flora.
by Albert Pike (with some modification)


Hear us, lovely Flora, while we sing to thee!
Thou rests now beneath some shady tree,
Near a swift brook, upon a mossy root.
All other winds with deep delight are mute,
While Eurus frolics with thy flowing hair,
A thousand odors floating on the air,
And rippling softly through the dewy green
Of the thick leaves, that murmuringly screen
thy snowy forehead. Struggling through their mass,
the quivering sunlight snows upon the grass
In golden flakes. Round thee a thousand flowers,
Still glittering with the tears of Spring's light showers,
Offer the incense of their glad perfume
To thee, who urges them to bud and bloom,
With thy kind smile and influence divine.
Thine arms around young Zephyr entwine,
And his round thee. With roses garlanded,
On his white shoulder rests thy lovely head;
Thy deep eyes gaze in his,
Radiant with mute, unutterable bliss,
And, happy there,
Oh, lovely, young, enamored pair,
Your rosy lips meet in a long, warm kiss!


The bird her nest with earnest patience weaves,
And sings, delighted, hidden in the leaves;
From their high homes in cavernous old trees,
The busy legions of industrious bees
Drink nectar at each flower's enameled brim,
Breathing in murmured music at their glad hymn;
The Nereids come from their deep ocean-caves,
Deserting for a time the saddened waves;
The Dryads from the dusky solitudes,
Of venerable and majestic woods;
The Naiads from deep beech-embowered lakes;
The Oreads from where hoarse Thunder shakes
The iron mountains; --wandering through cool glades,
And blushing lawns, when first the darkness fades,
Before the crimsoning morn,
And where the young Day's sapphire tints are gone,
Gather the fresh-blown flowers, gemmed with the tears of dawn.


Come, gentle Queen! we spill to thee no blood;
Thine altar stands where the gray ancient wood,
Now green with leaves, and fresh with April rains,
In stately circle sweeping round, contains,
Embowered like a hill-environed dell,
A quiet lawn, whose undulations swell
Green as the sea-waves. Near a bubbling spring,
Whose waters, sparkling downward, lightly ring
On the small pebbles--round whose grassy lip
The birds and bees its crystal waters sip-
Thine altar stands, of shrubs and flowering vines,
Where rose with lily and carnation twines.

We burn to thee no incense. These fresh blooms, Breathe on the air more exquisite perfumes,
than all that press the overladen wind
that seaward floats from sands Arabian.
No priests are here prepared for sacrifice,
But fair young girls with mischievous, bright eyes,
With white flowers garlanded,
And by their young, delighted lovers led,
with frequent kisses,
And fond and innocent caresses,
to honor thee, in place of prayer and sacrifice.

Behind this cut are pictures of Cheyenne and Rose, and the top of my head covered with flowers )
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This weekend is the big Roman event over at Austin Peay university. There will be Roman soldiers, gladiatorial games, vendors, lots of good ancient geekery. info for other weirdos like me that may want to go:


Because it falls on the festival to Fontus, the god of springs and fountains, it is sort of in my realm. We will be performing a ritual for the Fontinalia, and scattering flowers as an offering into water. I'm hoping to get a battery operated fountain for the event, but if not we will make do with what we have.

Wish me luck. I'm feeling a bit out of practice with my religious duties as of late, just too much going on. I'm planning on going back to my morning meditations in the shrine area to get myself back in the right headspace.

We are using a really lovely ritual, with a few variations that I'm still working on. Since Patrick liked the modern interpretation of the Orphic hymn I did for Neptunalia, he asked if I could do something similar. I found an appropriate selection from the odes of Horace, which may have actually been written about the Fontinalia, but there's no way to know for sure. He is praising a particular spring, making promises of offering.

So, I know that when other people post poems, I skim them. I would be okay with that normally of course, but I kind of want some opinions. My aim here is to keep it simple, but improve the imagery (I want to soften the whole dead baby goat thing a bit too), and keep it in rhyme so that it could be something easily remembered in the future (Someday I hope to be able to recite these without looking at my book!)

So, please tell me if this works.

My interpretation:

Blandusian spring, glittering as glass,
Worthy of the wine-filled toasts that pass;
Even moreso the blooms cast on your shrine,
With the next sun I give to you one of mine.

His glory in vain, his pride a fallen dove,
The crescent brow, a crown of battle and love;
This is your gift, the offspring of the herd,
With his scarlet river your waters will be stirred.

The summer passes, her scorch still burns the earth,
But her fire has yet to touch the depths of your birth,
Man and beast alike drink from your pools without fear,
And find grateful rest and welcome coolness here.

I will sing of the tree that brings spotted shade,
the silkclad stones that scatter your glade,
Your fame will grow among the noblest of springs,
And your bubbling laughter prove the pride it brings.

The Original for those that want to know! )
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Last night was the Nemoralia, A.K.A. the Festival of Torches, A.K.A. the Festival of Diana. It is a very popular celebration in ancient Rome, but one that is not on the official state calendar. It is a celebration by and for women, and one that took place out in the country at Lake Nemi. It was said one could see the fiery snake of torches for miles away, as the women walked to the lake and made their prayers. I have always been fascinated with this ritual, because it is so powerful and beautiful. This year we did a lot more than last year, and the prayers we made were heartfelt and unplanned.

First we washed each other's hair in water infused with rosemary and mint. This is something I recommend for anyone in this heat-it will cool you right off, but it is also documented in Ovid that they washed their hair together. Then we let my outside cat, Greyboy join us in the fun and wet his head with a little of the hair rinse. He didn't understand, but didn't run away. In fact he stayed with us for the entire ritual.

Then we placed flower garlands on our heads, which we both enjoyed making earlier. It turns out the hippies knew what they were doing, you simply can't be somber or unhappy with a bunch of pretty flowers on your head! Then we walked down to the shrine area, wearing our chitons. I wanted to walk with candles, but there was a breeze last night, and the candles didn't want to stay lit for us (Note for next year-use lanterns!). We made our normal greeting with incense, and then started the invocation, I to Diana, and Rose to Hecate, and then offered an apple and a head of garlic respectively.

Earlier we had written several prayers on slips of paper, and we placed these in a strand of red wool wrapped three times around the altar, something I read in Virgil's Epodes a long time ago, and that seemed to fit perfectly.

It was a lovely ritual and I have pictures! A couple were really washed out because it was nighttime, so I had some fun with them.

On to the pictures! )
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As usual, I worried myself into a tizzy over nothing. I had plenty of people, and we had a fine time! The food was yummy, the ritual went off without a hitch, and we all got to hang out together and enjoy the beautiful day. Thanks to all who made it out, see you next year (in Florida? Haha!)

Blessings of Neptunus upon you all!

Lots more pictures behind the cut! )


Jul. 17th, 2007 06:47 am
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Okay people, snooze you lose! I hope you will be able to make it next year. I'm going to be posting stuff about it anyway, so I can keep things straight.


Hard boiled eggs with pine nut sauce
Tuna pasta salad with basil and peas
Shrimp boil
Figs with cheese and honey

Things for people to bring--bread, fruit, cheeses, antipasto, water, wine.


To Neptune (modern rhyming reworking of Orphic hymn to Poseidon. By me. ):

Look here, lord of the oceans profound, whose liquid grasp meets the solid ground;
Who, in deep tumultuous seas, dark and fathomless, reclines with ease;
In your grip the brazen trident rests, bending lazy curves to ragged crests:
Whose watery steeds part the soft foam , from your dark curls the salty seas roam;
Whose terrible voice opens the deep, drives starlit waves in a raging heap;
Your fierce heart wrapped in boiling seas, your call the waves will tremble to please.
Earth shaker, ruler of brine and sweet, the liquid plains are your charge to keep
Beneath your cool cerulean gaze, the deep-born bestiary plays.
With a steady breath fill out their sails, and bring ships to port with prosperous gales,
Bring gentle Peace, and good Health beside, pour your blessings in a joyous tide.
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So, I did some work this morning on getting involved with water quality in my area. I contacted several agencies government and private, that claim to be out there doing stuff, but they were completely flummoxed when I said I wanted to volunteer to do things. You'd have thought I was asking for them to send me some purple bananas. The government office called back and just said, "We can't help you and we don't know who to send you to."

Anyway, a guy from the Sierra club over in Memphis actually has a program for water quality, and he hooked me up with a lady doing stuff that lives in Murfreesboro. She just emailed me and invited me to a free class on water assessment. It teaches civilians how to visually assess the quality of streams and such, so that they can make reports on what areas may need their attention. I'm emailing her now, hoping they have space in the class.

The class is the day before Neptunalia.

Edit: She just wrote me back and I'm in! This is awesome!
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Hail Diana, She of the shining moon, she who races in the wood, she of the stag and dog, hear this prayer from a humble heart. Let my injuries be silenced, my muscles stay limber, and my dance be fluid and proper. I pray that you will be favorable to my home, family and animals.


Look here, Iupiter.
this altar bears your name,
all-seeing, greatest and highest.
Part the clouds for only a moment and look here,
father of all, much honored, lightning maker,
look here and accept this offering and make sacred this place.
If anything is displeasing to you, accept this wine and remove my fault.


Faunus Lupercus, God of the wild
We honor you,
Delighted by shady groves,
dancer under the stars
you rule the seasons.

Shepherd of goats,
giver of milk, meat and skin,
your horns sprouted
and the world began.

Inspire us
with dance and song.
Protect us from fear.

Faunus Lupercus,
obscure as the deepest cave,
subtle as a snake
wise as a wolf

Protect and care for us.
Dance with us.
Grace us.
Lift us,
come near,
excite us.


Father Neptunus, king of tides
your fist shakes the earth~
Maelstroms your dark hair,
corals your bones fair~
You stir with trident the passionate seas,
And calm the swells to a lover's breeze~

Your stallions flecked with foam
charge the shore with abandon~
Your call sets every storm to ride,
and in your belly demons glide~
Let your cerulean heart turn here,
and blow this raging storm to clear.
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During our studies, Rose and I come across many historical examples of curse tablets and other magical workings. I was wondering if anyone else is as interested in this stuff as we are. We came across this one last night in Ovid's Fasti:


See, an old woman sitting amongst the girls performs the rites
Of Tacita, the Silent (though she herself is not silent),
With three fingers, she sets three lumps of incense
Under the sill, where the little mouse makes its secret path:
Then she fastens enchanted threads together with dark lead,
And turns seven black beans over and over in her mouth,
And bakes the head of a sprat in the fire, mouth sewn up
With pitch, pierced right through with a bronze needle.
She drops wine on it too, and she or her friends
Drink the wine that’s left, though she gets most.
On leaving she says: ‘We have sealed up hostile mouths
And unfriendly tongues’: and the old woman exits drunk.

Fasti, 2.571

I find it interesting because of the details--and the unmistakable sympethetic magic work using easily accessible materials. Rose and I discussed performing this one to keep gossipy types at bay, and I thought I would share it with you guys.

If you guys are interested, I will make posts like this from time to time, I just always figure it's too weird for most people.

Dea Tacita is an underworld goddess of the dead, the earth and silent tongues--I've not heard of her before, thought she seems to be connected with the Larentalia. I assumed this festival was for the Lares, so I'm unsure how Larentia/Tacita/Lares relate.

Edit: Here is a picture of a real Roman bronze needle someone is selling on Ebay.  Makes me almost wish someone was talking shit about me so I could try this out!

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I want to see this documentary very much. I'd prefer to rent it from a library or something though. Netflix does not have it. [livejournal.com profile] madrun or [livejournal.com profile] cucumbereater, is it something you can get a hold of through ILL??


This morning I got up and started cooking. I'm making northern bean and ham soup, and grilled chicken breasts. Should be pretty good.

I WILL work out today. I wanted to yesterday, but started reading and lost track of time.
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Yes, I know it's late, I've been lazy!

I've uploaded the pictures and I will also share the ritual I wrote for it, which is kid friendly but still has historical connections.

I think that this year, [livejournal.com profile] mezzanotterose and I were somewhat financially and spiritually drained from this month in general. I still think we did well considering that. The kids seemed to have an okay time, even though the table and gifts were a bit on the lean side this year. Rose made a turkey and sweet potatoes, and I made the sweet and spicy pork roast that I made last year, along with the mini sausages in blankets to represent Saturn's children, which I think Zac got a kick out of ("Wait until I tell the kids at school we got to eat babies!" Of course we all made him promise not to go around saying that, he's in enough trouble at school as it is!)

The table was not as full as last year, but there was plenty of food for everyone, with lots left over. [livejournal.com profile] gypsy_raihana and her family couldn't make it, but [livejournal.com profile] twisted_tulip and her daughter did, and it was a nice and laid back time. My husband Corey ran the dice games to choose the king and queen, which he pretended not to enjoy but I know differently. He used his sheep knuckle dice, since I couldn't find my other dice from last year:

Zac and Cheyenne won, and I was glad I'd bothered to do the crazy fleece hats because Zac was really happy he got one this year. Of course in the picture below he looks like he's got his feet in a pile of poo, but trust me, he was happy! They untied Saturn after ritual, and we ate and did crafts and hung out together. It was quite nice!

If you are curious about the ritual, click here. )
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This morning a real windstorm has blown into town. I knew it was on its way, but I guess I didn't really think about what that would mean for my plans today. I had intended to do a more traditional Roman ritual, but I decided at the last minute that the gods had made it clear that things were to be different today.

So early this morning I went out into the wind with a round of charcoal and some frankincence, and a poem I had written last year for Neptune, a prayer to ease storms.

Father Neptunus, king of tides
your fist shakes the earth~
Maelstroms your dark hair,
corals your bones fair~
You stir with trident the passionate seas,
And calm the swells to a lover's breeze~

Your stallions flecked with foam
charge the shore with abandon~
Your call sets every storm to ride,
and in your belly demons glide~
Let your cerulean heart turn here,
and blow this raging storm to clear.

I did not even try to wear my chiton or palla, because it would have ended up over my head! As it was, I could not get the charcoal lit at all, and just ended up leaving the incense there unburned. I read the poem and prayed for a moment for a sign. When I looked up, a crow was flying from right to left above me, not the best omen, but then a flock of starlings skated overhead in the opposite direction. They landed in the tree overhead, and the crow seemed to lose momentum and get caught in a few currents of air. He disappeared. The omen as I see it is a little bit worse weather before it gets better. Who needs meteorology?

There are several feast days for Poseidon celebrated in ancient Greece, though the only one I've found that was really a Roman holiday was the Neptunalia in July. Still, I am committed to working on both his Roman and Greek celebrations. I fretted about the feast day, since it just isn't possible to do it this weekend, but some more poking around has shown me that as a Greek celebration, a feast of Poseidon could be held on the 8th as well as the 23rd, and that the Greeks considered half the month of December and November sacred to Poseidon. I am still leaning toward doing the feast at the Saturnalia, but I will have to discuss this with others first.
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Look here, Iupiter.
this altar bears your name,
all-seeing, greatest and highest.
Part the clouds for only a moment and look here,
father of all, much honored, lightning maker,
look here and accept this offering and make sacred this place.
If anything is displeasing to you, accept this wine and remove my fault.


I took some liberties with this one, since it isn't officially an altar for the state, but I still washed beforehand and wore my chiton and covered my head with a veil. The Festival of Iupiter was over the weekend, and Corey and I got the stones for this altar, but he really wanted to do the stonework himself, so he did. He is definitely a hands on guy, and I think that even he was set on things being done well because of the lightning strike along the side of this tree. The altar is right beneath it, on the NW axis from the center.

I did not get to do the niches, but that might be best until I decide which statues I want to use. I'm eyeing a really nice one for Neptune, but it's more than I can spend right now.
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The day after Halloween is celebrated in Italy with the Ognissanti (All Saint's Day) and the day afterward, Il Giorno dei Morti (Day of the Dead). On this day, it is traditional to go to the graveyard and clean the headstones of your family members, and eat these little cookies or leave them as treats:

Ossa di Morto (Bones of the Dead)or Fava Di Morto (Beans of the Dead)--(it depends how you shape them)

# 2 cups sliced almonds
# 2 cups sugar
# 1 1/4 cups flour
# 4 eggs
# 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
# zest of 1 lemon
# 3 tablespoons butter, at room temperature

Preheat the oven to 350°. In a bowl, combine the almonds with the sugar and 1/4 cup of water and toss. Arrange the coated almonds on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes, or until golden. Remove form the oven, and set aside to cool. Transfer to a food processor, and pulse until finely ground. Add the flour, eggs, cinnamon, lemon zest and butter, and process until smooth. Roll the ball of dough out with your hands on a work surface so as to obtain a snake; cut the snake into half-inch thick slices and shape the bit into bones. Place the “bones” onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake the cookies for about 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Makes about 30 cookies.
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This morning I woke up somewhere around five am. Since Corey's folks have been here, I have not made material offerings at my lararium, I just touch it and say a few words in the morning to let them know that I have not forgotten them. Corey's folks know what I do, but I don't want to come off as fanatical, and incense makes Judy sneeze anyway. I've been so busy running around with Judy that I haven't really taken any time to do anything special, and no one was awake this morning but the animals and me. This morning it was very foggy here, and it is still a little misty even now. The shrine is like a private mountain when it is foggy like this. You can't see the road or the fences of the neighbors, just the horses, plodding around in the mist, looking grey and somehow unreal.

I've been working on my augury and haruspicy skills lately, in fact Patrick is hoping to appoint me as provincial haruspex soon, so I have been trying to hone my divination skills in this area. I went out to the shrine, which I admit I've not been doing lately, and a calm rolled over me as I sat on the bench and asked the gods to show me what they wanted me to see. First, Aries came out of the mist and snuffled at me. Then he turned to the right (a good sign) and walked down to the pasture. While I was watching him, my eyes passed over my neglected stones. I want representations, but I just haven't seen the 'right' thing, and I am worried about putting a statue out there that might get broken. I thought in my head, "Maybe I should make little niches for the statues, sort of like wall niches, but built of stones or concrete." As soon as that thought crossed my brain, a huge flock of starlings came from my left side and with a lot of scuffling and noise, alighted above me in Jupiter's tree.

I said thank you and left, because sometimes the gods shouldn't have to smack you in the head like that. I plan to have at the very least, the niche built for Jupiter by the Festival of Jupiter on November 12th, and a niche on his altar and Neptune's statue in place by the Festival of Neptune/Poseidon on the 1st of December. During the winter, I will need to work on a suitable representation of Jupiter and a niche for the Diana bust, though I feel as though hers may be slightly different than the others, I might make it from wood and antler.
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It's close, but I want it to be curlier next time.
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Etruscan Temple Discovered near Vetralla!

Since the days when Napoleon’s brother, Luciano Bonaparte, played tomb robber in Canino, northern Lazio’s Etruscan sites have been giving up precious artefacts including red and black-figure Attic vases and gold jewellery.

The recent unearthing of an important temple complex near Vetralla, 68 kms.north of Rome, is a further reminder that the Etruscans are still very much with us and that their imposing necropolis and monuments are a major reason for visiting the area. .

The temple dedicated to goddess Demeter ( Vea for the Etruscans) had been a local tomb robber’s source of “cocci” until he unwisely tried to sell his “finds” in the nearby town of Montalto di Castro.
When the finance police trailed him back to Vetralla they were rewarded with the discovery of his unique “warehouse” –a huge mushroom shaped structure hidden away in the wooded area known locally as Bagno Sacro. The name and an old monastery nearby reflect the area’s use through history as a special, magic place.

The track leading down to the site is similar to other vie cave to be found throughout the area which is dappled with Etruscan sites such as Norchia, Castel d’Asso and Grotta Porcina.

Although not officially announced by the Sovvrintendenza , the site will surely put Vetralla on the map as archaeologists continue to study the important finds.

The temple ‘s size ( estimated at 500 sqm), its decorative columns and the amount of terracotta ex voto representing uterus and phalli show the importance of the site. An almost life-sized terracotta statue of the goddess Demeter, rivalling the terracotta winged horses of Tarquinia, has been taken to Viterbo’s Etruscan Museum for safe keeping.

Click on the image to view full size

What is cool to me is that this looks like it could be in the area where I live. Simlar rock formations, similar vegetation, it's brought a smile to my face today.
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[livejournal.com profile] mezzanotterose came by for the ritual, with her hair already damp from being washed, mine had just dried. I used some rosemary in the rinse water, which I may do again, I love the smell of rosemary. I haven't found out exactly why the women made such a big deal of washing their hair, maybe it was just a bonding thing to do at the lake, or a symbol of the day being about women. In any case, we went out to the shrine with our burgundy chitons and freshly washed hair.

Next year I hope to make this a larger ritual, with lots of women and actual torches. We could actually wash our hair together if the pond is done by then. I think that would be beautiful.

It was dark, but the candles we carried actually were enough light to see by. I had already placed the bowl on the altar as a symbol of Lake Nemi and had dedicated the altar earlier that day. We placed our candles and started our prayers.

There is something very easy about when we ritual together. We go back and forth like some sort of religious machine. I said my prayer to Diana that I have used for years now, and Rose said a prayer to Hecate, also appropriate on this day for her connection via Trivia. I also asked Diana to look out for a friend of ours that is going in for throat surgery.

It is also the feast day for Pomona and Vertumnus, so we said a prayer for her as well, which was perfect since we were already under the apple tree.

Hail Diana, She of the shining moon, she who races in the wood, she of the stag and dog, hear this prayer from a humble heart. Let my injuries be silenced, my muscles stay limber, and my dance be fluid and proper. I pray that you will be favorable to my home, family and animals.

Nemoralia-Festival of Torches 2006
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Last night Corey and I went to the drive-in and saw Talladega Nights. It was very funny, I say go see it! Will Farrell is in good and goofy form, and the stereotypes are funny without being mean.

Little Man was the second feature, and I tried to give it a chance, we watched about 20 minutes of it before we were both skeeved out by the sex with baby/little person thing and we left.

Do not see Little Man, it will make you cringe.

This morning, I did a small dedication to an altar for Diana at the shrine area. Tonight is her festival, though I don't plan to do anything big this year. Next year I hope to have the stone pond built to place the torches around. That would be beautiful.

Today I have been working on breaking down the choreography for the Halloween gothla performance
after Tempest's workshop. It's tougher than it looks, but I think we can do it, luckily it is short.

Then I'm going to do some drum practice, not sure who is coming by, but that's okay. This evening I am going to celebrate the festival by washing my hair and walking a torch from the fountain to her altar and saying the prayer to Diana that I wrote a few years ago:

Hail Diana, She of the shining moon, she who races in the wood, she of the stag and dog, hear this prayer from a humble heart. Let my injuries be silenced, my muscles stay limber, and my dance be fluid and proper. I pray that you will be favorable to my home, family and animals.

I may read her Orphic or Homeric hymn as well. I really need to work on translating my personal prayers into Latin, but I'm not ready to do that quite yet.
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from [livejournal.com profile] friggawomen --nothing shocking here:

You scored as Roman Pantheonic Pagan. You are drawn to the Roman Pantheon. Most names of our planets come from this group, including: Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune, Mars and Venus to name a few. A little less mainstream than your Greek cousins, and often confused for them, you know that there's a difference between the two pantheons and are quick to remind others of those differences. A little more down-to-earth than your Greek cousins, you tend to enjoy fact before fiction, and though no less lusty and romantic, you are more logical about your actions.


Roman Pantheonic Pagan


Greek Pantheonic Pagan


Catholic (Pagan?)


Celtic Pantheonic Pagan


Egyptian Pantheonic Pagan


Ecclectic Pagan


Zoroastrian Pagan


Shamanic Pagan


Eastern Pagan


Kabbalistic Pagan


Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian Pagans


Norse Pantheonic Pagan (Asatru)


What kind of Pagan are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Gens Galeria at the War Memorial, Nashville:

Gens Galeria + [livejournal.com profile] black_whiteboy at the Neptunalia.

(notice that while [livejournal.com profile] l_galeria_mira and [livejournal.com profile] black_whiteboy are unable to be seen, Aries has managed to have his headshot included!)

I enjoyed the Neptunalia, but I will admit that the ritual was not what I wanted it to be. This is my fault, I should have written it myself and not left it in the hands of others. If I had it to do over again, I would have had [livejournal.com profile] mezzanotterose walk the route with me, and said the words with me holding the book between us as we usually do. I would have kept [livejournal.com profile] black_whiteboy's oath call and return, because that was the official part, and the part that made me the most nervous. It's amazing how easily I am thrown off track when I am not in control. I often wish that weren't the case, but it just makes me nuts to not be doing the preparing and presenting of things like this.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, and Metellus and Corey worked so hard with me on getting the house into presentable shape. They are the sweetest men I know.

By the way, this shrine is a public one, to the extent that you just need to call first and let me know you are coming out. You can leave offerings here to land spirits, the celestial gods, Neptune, Jupiter or Diana. If you live out of state, and want an offering made, just let me know, that's my job now.


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