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Greyboy looks especially 'possomlike here:

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From the smallest to the largest! All of my animals are rescues of some sort, except for Aries, who was born here, but his mom, Athena, was bought from a PMU sale. (Mares kept pregnant in order to harvest urine for menopause supplements.)

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One of the things I did not mention about the Neptunalia was the bold escape of Prince (affectionately known as Stinky Goldfish)into the backyard and darting out into the pasture to terrorize my poor 2000 lb. horses (one of which had a kick at him, but since he was at warp 6 it merely sunk into the vacuum where he was).

Everyone came into the backyard to help corral him, which was embarrassing, but all I could think of was my little schnoodle running out into the road and getting hit. I would never forgive myself if that happened, but the little bugger was oblivious to my pain. He darted between the legs of horses and people as if he were a fish underwater. We simply could not catch him, he was a blur. He would not listen to me at ALL, he was so excited and happy. I dove and tried to tackle the little beast, but he shot out and away as I fell to the ground. Then I looked away from him, snapped my fingers next to my hip, and he darted into my lap immediately and looked up at me, his tongue lolled out to the side and breathing heavy with pure dog happiness.

So I've been thinking about that, and why he didn't listen, when he does listen inside the house unless it comes to alerting me of visitors. Seems this is a Schnauzer thing, lots of them do it, but I still want to work on it. Coming when called though, is very important, and he needs to learn that. Since I don't walk him, just let him out onto his run, he doesn't get a lot of time on a leash, and so he isn't learning commands.

I think he would be fantastic with agility. He really does want to please, and he is very athletic and hyper. I've looked around but the only agility clubs are down in Nashville, so I'm looking into building my own course. Most of it is done with PVC tubes and connectors, so that's easy. I just don't know how I will do running beside him, but I'm going to try and make a couple of jumps and see how that goes.


Stinky Goldfish bores holes in your skull with his cute ray!


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