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This morning's visitor is an Oleander Hawk moth. Really, really beautiful!

The Luna'pillars are doing great, by the way--getting nice and fat!
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So, I started raising luna moth caterpillars about three weeks ago. They're still munching away, and though they are growing slowly, they are definitely growing! Here's a pic:

You can see the difference if you compare this picture to the one here.
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Update on Corey: Everything seems to be okay, the specialist said that it's a bacterial infection that happens to be resistant to the antibiotics he was on (Keflex). It is, and I found this to be a source for much picking at the boy, a poo-borne bacteria. So, obviously he's been sticking his finger in his butt when I'm not looking! Anyway, he starts a new round of antibiotics and then hopefully the swelling will go down enough that he can get back to work on flexibility. The surgeon won't put in the new tendon until he can bend the finger so it touches the inside of his hand. Anyway, I'm quite relieved, I had all sorts of bad scenarios running through my mind.

Thanks for all your good thoughts, people.

In other news, I have started with a new group of Luna moth hatchlings, and this time the walnut tree is green and full of leaves (if you weren't around, I lost a whole brood in the spring from the sudden frost), and the little green boogers --which is what they look like-- are eating like mad! I'm very happy about this, and I keep the jar next to the couch so I can spy on them all the time. So cute.

I got a pretty good picture of a few of them, look how much they are eating!They are tiny, I should have put a penny in the shot so you can tell, but they are about the diameter of a pencil lead, maybe. When they first hatched, they were about the diameter of a paperclip wire:

Behind this cut is a picture of my dreads last night after Rose went at them again. I hate being patient. I want them to be locked up and ropelike now, but they are on their own time frame! )


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