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I met Jackie at GMX (a geek convention), she was one of the authors there. She really wanted dreads, and said all of the things I said about my hair before I decided to dread. She's very happy with the results, and I look forward to updates from her.

Before, with braids in for kinkyness:

Process pics and After: )
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I have had my dreads for 10 months now. My husband's are nine months or so.

My thoughts on getting dreads right before I did them:


My thoughts on them now:

I love them, even though sometimes I have days when they seem floppy or too fuzzy. I never feel like I want to comb them out, and I can only remember one day, about a month in, where I had a single regret, and it was gone by the following day. I think, for me, it was the best decision, and it was the right time in my life to do it.

I actually feel like I look better with dreads than I did with straight hair (I know not everyone agrees, and that's okay.) I don't have to fuss with curling irons or brushes. I always hated when my hair would be in my face, and I hated that it would stick to my neck when it was hot. These are no longer an issue.

I love sticking my dreads into the wind in a car. I love that people remember me as the girl with the dreads and not the girl with the boobs. They are great conversation starters with strangers. People are eager to touch them, which is both flattering and creepy depending on the person, haha. I actually enjoy answering questions about them, and especially when I am able to enlighten someone about certain things, like washing dreads, or that you aren't neccesarily a pothead just because you have them.

I love finding things to thread onto them. I like tying my hair back with a knot or two. I love flinging the water out of my hair after a shower--it's like a great many-thonged whip and the pull of the swing feels good on my scalp. I love pulling them up into a big pineapple/fountain hairdo.

I've noticed other things too. I am a much calmer, happier person. I know no one will believe that dreads have something to do with this, but I really think they did. I am more able to let any anger or irritability flow away from me, and I also think that I'm somehow more intuitive about the feelings and concerns of others. Yes, I know that sounds flaky as hell. But it's the truth.

This is a link to the picture timeline I posted at eight months, in case you didn't see it:


The gods make the dreadlocks. You are the soil for their garden.
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Here's my bead:

Here's the hubby's:
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I was going to wait for the one year mark, but what the hell!

Sectioned and braided. [image]

My Dready timeline! )

Hair fun.

Mar. 6th, 2008 03:49 am
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I really prefer when my dreads have some curl and shape to them, and I may have found the best way to do this finally! I have tried hot sticks hair rollers (nice, but doesn't last), sponge rollers (uncomfortable), and braiding three dreads together (very uncomfortable). The trouble is that my dreads are on the thick side, so they can't be rolled up like skinnies, and they need to have some help with holding a curl.

I have tried mousse (white stuff in dark dreads, yuk!), setting lotion (flakes after it dries)and hair gel (sticky and smelly). I bought some aloe gel (it does have alcohol in it, I may look for something more natural) and used that, which works great! It holds the curl without being sticky, and I'm sure it will wash out much better too.

Then I cut lengths of thick hemp twine and used that to braid my hair, after putting a squirt of aloe gel on each dread. It looked kind of interesting:

I love the way it turned out! )
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Today I got to meet and hang out with the fabu [livejournal.com profile] seahorsemystic, and we had an awesome time. Sometimes you meet people and you just hit it off, and it was like I'd already known her a long while. We drove the wrong way, we joked, we shopped, we had Thai food, and bought liquor. Then I had to get home and get ready for class.

We ran through the new choreo a bit, cleaned up a couple of things [livejournal.com profile] lomein_the_dish and [livejournal.com profile] abysmalstomach, it's 2 hip bumps on the little black dress, that's what was messing me up!). Then we went over the reworking of our oldest choreo, which looks so great, I can't wait to record it and see. My classes are not pulling the people they usually do this time of year, but that's okay. The people that I have are having fun, and that's the best part anyway.

Then Rose and Kitty and their daughters came by and we watched Hairspray, which everyone loved, and Balls of fury, which was silly, but funny. Rose found out that she likes using the felting needle on my dreads (Probably because it's a pointy stabby thing, and she loves pointy stabby things!), I fell asleep on her lap like I always do when she works on my hair. There's no use trying to fight it, if I ever get insomnia I just need to get someone to pull on my dreads for a while.
I bought a pretty sterling snake ring for my hair, and then remembered I had another one in my jewelry box. In fact, I think I have two more, I just haven't located them yet, Yay! Medusa snakes!

Behind the cut are pictures of Cheyenne's blue yarn dreads that I did while she was visiting, and also a cool crochet felt hippie bag that I finished last month. )
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So I beat Guitar Hero 3 on easy on Wednesday night. It's only on easy, but it was still really hard to beat the last one, it's a hard rock version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Well hell, I'm proud, it's the first GH game I've played. Now I'm going to rent the others, starting with the first. I still want to see if I can 5 star all the songs on GH3, just to see if I can.

Dread Update!

It's been 4 months, and they are starting to shrink AGAIN! My dreads appear to be on a different schedule than others I've read about, but that's okay. They are super tight since I washed them in orange Palmolive too. I guess there was some residue from the natural soap I was using, so I think I'm going to use Palmolive for a while and see what happens.

I still love them, even though I've been less than attentive with the crochet hook lately. Part of it is laziness, but I've noticed a wonderful ease of living since dreading my hair, where small things bother me less, I don't get so angry anymore, and other people's opinions have far less impact on me. A good deal of this is dealing with having white girl dreads in a small town, and part of it is the way I've chosen to deal with life in the past year - either way, they work together somehow. Even though they are fuzzy, I do still get the occasional compliment on them. Before I started reading about the process, I just assumed that fuzzy dreads were not taken care of, but fuzzy dreads have a lot more to do with recent washing and wet weather than I thought! Though I admit I do need to do some crocheting, some days they decide to be poofy, other days they want to be twisty. They really do have their own way of doing things, and it's no use fighting them.

Lots of pics of my dreads, including some scary henna covered dreads that look like a mass of snakes on my head - woo hoo! )
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~ Get a BIG bowl of warm/hot water,
mix in about 3/4 c of baking soda,
8-9 drops of tea tree oil,
2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and
2 tablespoons of sea salt
stir until well dissolved.

Soak all your dreads real well ~ wrap up in a towel and let them sit for like 1/2 an hour or so ~ then rinse( and rinse again ).

People on the hip forums say this stuff is the bomb for deep cleaning, which I don't feel I need to do just now, but I'm saving it here for later.
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from Naked Mango--

Make you own Dreadlock Juice

(Enough for 8 ounces)

1 Part Apple Cider Vinegar (We liked Bragg's Organic)

2 Parts Witch Hazel (We liked Thayer's)

*20 Drops Tea Tree Oil

*10 Drops Sweet Orange Oil

*10 Drops Lemon Oil

*5 Drops Lime Oil
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I've wanted my husband to try dreading his hair for years, but I guess it took me deciding to take the plunge for him to decide to do it too! I also think that he wanted to show me up, he knows he has better hair...

Pictures behind the cut! )
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You are sick of hearing about them, I know. But they are just so much fun right now!

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I started typing a response to a comment by [livejournal.com profile] gentlemaitresse, and then realized that I may as well spread the word. I know I thought a lot of these things before I started talking to people about their dreads.

Misconceptions about dreads

1)They are formed by not washing your hair. Not true. In fact, in order to get the hair to 'lock up' well, it should be free from oils. Certainly you can make dreads by not washing your hair, but you won't have many friends! Felters understand this process with wool. You have to remove the lanolin from the wool in order for it to felt up. Same thing with hair. In fact, some people actually work wool in with their dreads. I plan on working in a felted snake to my hair at some point. You know, the whole Medusa thing!

I wash my hair twice a week, the same amount I was washing before I started. They do take a little longer to dry, and I've found that squeezing them in a towel helps get most of the water out, or headbanging like back in the day. Some people use concoctions of their own, such as lemon juice and saltwater, or steeped herbal teas to wash their hair instead of shampoo, and I may try some of those things later.

2)You have to cut them to get rid of them. Not true. If you have the patience, you can untangle dreads, but some people would rather just grow new hair, or are ready for a new look and cut them off. Many dreadlocked people believe that their hair holds energy and memories of the things that happened while they were growing. For some people, they can leave their past behind by removing or cutting off their dreads. I don't see me ever cutting mine off, since I know I look like poo with short hair. I've seen many examples of detangling dreads though, and they look just fine. But I have wanted dreads for a long time, so I'm going to hang in there.

3) Only people that smoke pot have them. Not true. I am not a pot smoker, and though I did smoke quite a bit in high school, I stopped pretty soon after that because it made me buggy and paranoid. Now, I've done lots of other drugs, but I've not done any since moving to Tennessee ten years ago. I have nothing against people that smoke pot, and I don't think it's a big deal, unless you are driving! Stay home and smoke!

4)Only black people should have dreads, or Rastafarians, or Nazarite. White folks should not have them. Not true. Dreadlocks are seen in different cultures, ancient India and Egypt, for instance. There are sites on the web that claim the Celts wore them and that the Romans said they had 'hair like snakes', but that seems to be unfounded, maybe it is a quote from a movie or something. The Celts did put chalk in their hair to make it stand up like a zebra though. Of course, they may have had dreadlocks as well, but one thing we do know: Man came before combs. At some point we all had dreadlocks, and whether people do it now for fashion, religion, or personal reasons it is their business, and no one has a right to them exclusively.

5) They will only look good if you use wax. Not true. I thought this myself, but now that I see and feel what beeswax does, I can see that it will actually slow things down. A lot of hype is put out there by companies that sell wax, and like me, that's the first thing a lot of people see when they go searching for info. There is a video of a woman making dreads in some guy's hair, and using handfuls of the stuff! His dreads were not dreads, but candles. There's no way they could tangle up with all that stuff in there! But, I do think that a small amount of wax can be useful, if you are having a really bad frizz day, or going in for a job interview or something. Though real dreadies say to just use aloe gel, or as [livejournal.com profile] alexisyael suggested, soy wax, which is wonderful to use, but I've found that it's best to just leave them alone if you can.

I know that when I go in public, people will assume that my hair is dirty, or smelly, or that I'm a pot dealer, or all sorts of things. I'm working on not giving a crap about what people think as much as possible. For me, this whole thing is an exercise in patience and a departure from conforming to what people think I should look like. I didn't go into it for spiritual reasons, but it is beginning to become personally spiritual in a way, which may seem crazy to some of you, but all I can say is that I can't deny what it is becoming. Anyway, if you think I'm nuts, that's okay. But I wanted to let you know that I DO wash my hair, and it isn't any more difficult to keep clean than it was before. In fact, I think my hair is actually cleaner, because I can get the soap all the way to the scalp because the dreads keep it separated.
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I've been trying lately to catch up on my housecleaning, because over the past few months I've really let things go. I'm still not exactly sure why I was in such a funk; I know I wasn't feeling well for some of it, but I'm still fighting the sinus stuff and I feel more motivated (I love my neti pot, by the way!).

[livejournal.com profile] cairech says there have been some recent planetary movements that might be part of it, and I'm willing to believe that, because it was like I woke up one morning and I wanted to get things back in order. I've not been fanatical about it - the only time I fanatically clean is when I'm angry or upset - but I've been accomplishing small victories every day. Oddly, I think the dreadlocking of my hair may have been either the catalyst or a signifier of the skies clearing a bit for me, something else [livejournal.com profile] cairech mentioned.

I seem to clean best in the morning when I get up, after I take care of the animals. Today I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and then tackled my bathroom. I find that I still need to take breaks though, because my back starts to hurt when I bend over to clean stuff - obviously, I'm on such a break right now! I cannot remember the last time I cleaned my bathroom well, and it was really disgusting when I got down on the floor to clean under the toilet basin. It's amazing that you don't see all that dust and hair from above! Anyway, that's all better.

I took a tip from [livejournal.com profile] earthwomyn06 and decided to start using the huge pile of old washcloths instead of so much paper toweling. So I moved a stack of them into the kitchen and I used one for my cleaning today. It actually works much better!

I figure I will have less of a hair problem in the bathroom since I'm not brushing my hair anymore, which I really am looking forward to, because I'd have to wipe down the counters and sweep the floor every week or so to keep up with it. I'm looking forward to that! However, I will have more work to do in the shower. I prefer baths to showers, and have for as long as I can remember. So I don't have to clean the walls of my shower all that much. But now, I'm finding that the best way to get the water from my infant-dreads is to whip my head up and down like I'm at a Metallica concert. This throws the water onto the walls, and it works great, but it means I need to keep up with cleaning the walls and ceilings now. Maybe I could put my hair in a towel, run outside and headbang in the yard! At least when it's warm...

Dreadlock update: They are staying together much better, and I've been using both a tiny crochet hook and a felting needle ( from [livejournal.com profile] twisted_tulip and [livejournal.com profile] anarwad, respectively!)to help coalesce the more unruly ones that I can get to. A couple of the larger ones are actually starting to feel like dreads, they are holding their shape and doing their own thing. This is very fast progress, from what I can tell, so I'm stoked about that.
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It's a very strange thing, this dreading your hair. I still catch myself looking in the mirror as I walk by, because I look so different. They are *super* fuzzy today, I haven't put any wax on them since I washed them yesterday.

I used to think that people with lots of strays just weren't taking good care of their dreads, but now I see that there's nothing to really do about it at this point, other than push the larger bits through the main dread a couple of times. I think I understand how people can get to using too much wax on them, it's tempting to want to fix it all up perfect again, but I don't think that will help the hair do it's thing. Everyone tells me to expect things to shrink up, but my guess is that takes a while. I guess I will just put a little wax on them if I'm going somewhere.

I've started tying knots to keep the glass beads in, I was afraid I would lose them (which would make me very sad). This means I will have a big bump where the knot is when it does dread, but that's okay. I've also started tying back chunks of dreads in big knots, which is lots of fun. I can put up may hair with one big knot too. Today one of my bang fringe locks decided it wanted to be two. It seems like the ones around my face are wanting to be thin for some reason.

I wanted dreads because I thought they would be more suited to me, and I still think that. I didn't tell myself that I wanted to be into the process, but it's hard not (knot!) to get wrapped up in it. It's like growing a plant or raising a kitten--every day I wake up and wonder what they will be like, how I can keep them healthy. It's very strange.

First huge plus--I went out with Corey over the weekend, and we drove around. I had my window down, and I could enjoy the breeze with no worries about the side of my hair becoming a mass of tangles. That may seem like a small thing, but there's a certain freedom there.
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Gimme a break, it's 3:00 in the morning!

This is after Rose got at the dreadies with my spiffy new brass comb and more soy wax. To be honest, I liked 'em big and puffy, but they will have to grow into that I guess.:

(notice the attractive henna spot on my forehead...)

side pics to show off Linnea's pretty glass beads! )


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