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I've wanted my husband to try dreading his hair for years, but I guess it took me deciding to take the plunge for him to decide to do it too! I also think that he wanted to show me up, he knows he has better hair...

Pictures behind the cut! )
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Detail-intensive post about my menstrual pad experiment, cut for sensitive manly types. )

Happy is still not out of the woods. He was far worse on Friday, but he is still very bloated and not eating much. But the vet says that as long as he is not down and rolling a lot, he isn't in distress, though he is still in danger until he passes whatever is stopping him up. Corey and I will probably not put him through surgery, he did not do very well at all with just gelding. So, all the vet can do, if it comes to it, is a rectal examination. If you know Happy, you know that that ain't happening unless he is down and out. I guess we will see what he will let us do to help him if it gets worse.

So, keep the little donkey in your prayers.

This past week was Corey's and my anniversary. We are not very romantic folks about that sort of thing, at least not in the traditional sense, but I try every year to do something special. We are still looking for the perfect thing, because the dinner and a movie schtick just makes us uncomfortable. This year we decided to go to the flea market, which was great, and then to the new Chinese buffet, and then we planted a willow tree in the front yard. Corey says he'd like to plant something every year on our anniversary. I don't think you can get more romantic than that, can you? He rocks.

I never talk much about Corey, it just seems like I might screw it up if I say how wonderful he is to me. But I will say this--I realize how blessed I am, every day.

Aries is pretty chuffed about him too!

Click here for a picture of Aries showing off his buffalo winter coat and his haybelly, and the wild turkey invasion of our upper pasture. I counted twelve of them! Corey was still asleep. )
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Lucia seems to like Flickr, but I was being resistant to change, as usual. Figured I'd give it a try. More pictures to come of the Neptunalia and the Parthenon visit last month.

Here is Corey's Tattoo coverup, obviously in progress!

Joy of joys, I started this morning. That puts me a couple of days behind [livejournal.com profile] gypsy_raihana, so that means it's not my fault, it's hers!


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