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Today Corey and I went and got [livejournal.com profile] gypsy_raihana's old raised bed from her apartment and moved it over here. We also brought over a few of her sunflowers that were in it, because they were lonely, and I have a crop of sunflowers for them to hang out with!

It was rough work getting it all set up, and we were both sweaty and tired but it looks so nice out there. It's too dark to take a picture, I'll put one up tomorrow. We also went up to Lowe's and bought some marigolds, since I don't have time to grow them -- the squashbugs kinda freaked me out a little. They have a bunch of their plants on sale for the end of the season, I wanted a bunch of things but I decided to just buy one very pretty butterfly bush for the front area. It has deep purple flowers and I love it. Plus, it's called Black Night. I thought that was cool.

I may go back and get another hibiscus though, they had a lovely peach one that I fell in love with.
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Oh man, I still have the creepy crawlies!

I went out to check on the beds and debated pulling up one of the squash plants that looked like it was near death. Then I took a closer look and saw that it was infested with squashbugs! Ahhhhh!

I sat down and started crushing each one by hand, and I thought I was doing pretty well until I flipped one of the leaves and saw nearly a hundred little babies, and several more egg clusters. The other squash plants seemed fine, so I just pulled the plant up, smashed every last one of those little bastards (sorry, there's no love here for bugs!)and took the remains of the plant out to the burn pile. I gave another check in the bed but didn't see any. I'm pretty sure they'll be back. This is the bed I have not planted marigolds in, and believe me, I'll be getting some soon! I read online that if I keep a small board laid flat in the bed, squashbugs will sleep under it at night and I can kill them in the morning. I'll be doing that too. Little fuckers.


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