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Here's a quick catch up on my life:

I've been working with an airbrush. I want to become good anough to do custom work on RC cars- maybe even bigger stuff. This is something I've always wanted to do, but never seemed to get into when I wanted to. Wish me luck. I will post pictures when I'm not too embarrassed about what I'm turning out!

Corey and I are having some issues, mostly it's about communication and sex. Apparently that's pretty normal. What's maybe not so normal is that I am the one who feels there's not enough sex going on. I feel like I shouldn't have to masturbate as often as I do. But when we do have sex, it is so good! I just want MORE... *sigh*

I've also stopped cooking for him, because I feel like he doesn't appreciate the time and love I put into it. This may change, we'll see. He'd have to do a real turn around for that to happen though.

I'm working very hard. I get good feedback at work, and I feel like I'm appreciated more there than at home most of the time. There's also lots of guys flirting with me. It makes me only want Corey's attention more.

Other than that, I'm still doing the same. Still making bentos, but just for me. Here's a bunch. And I do mean a bunch--a big bunch!:

Mu Shu pork (my new favorite!), Chinese dumpling, rice, carrots, edamame, pickled egg whites.

MORE, MORE MORE! How do you like it? )
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Sunday night Corey and I went cat fishing. I had a nice time, even though I had to keep taking naps in the truck--I can't stay up late anymore! I haven't gone fishing in a long time, and it used to be one of my favorite pastimes.

Highlight of the night was buying myself a new fishing pole, it lights up AND glows in the dark. I was all Luke Skywalker at the pond----SHooom!

The next day I made catfish tempura, which if you haven't tried, is simply an awesome way to eat catfish, in my opinion.

Bento-rifficness behind the cut. Just for people who think they don't have time to do the bento thing. Most of these took no longer than fifteen minutes to put together, except for the jambalya and the homemade Chinese dumplings.

Easy and colorful! )
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Yep, I still do them every morning. Here's today's:

Spanish yellow rice, teriyaki turkey, steamed asparagus, string cheese, grape tomatoes, molded hard boiled eggs, tiny corn muffin, carrots and organic grapes.

A few more from last week here. )
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Sushi rice, hot dog heart and pickled egg wings, furikake, apples, oranges, carrots, banana, pepperoni flower with pea center that fell out when I was setting up the picture!, shrimp and pickled egg white fishes, food coloring (next time I will mix it with the rice first!)
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My manager at work has been having lots of stomach issues. I would have laid money down that it was her gall bladder, but the test came back negative. Anyway, we started talking about my lunches (everyone at my work thinks they are adorable, LOL). She needs to stick to kind of bland foods for a while, and I offered to make her some sushi the other day. Now she wants to pay me to make her lunches every day. I have no idea what to ask for, but I guess I need to ask for something, the way food costs are nowadays. I always find such unconventional ways to make money!

On to the bentos:

Onigiri filled with tuna/asian ginger dressing (I think my little bento ended up looking like a crab head on, with the onigiri as claws!) krab, cucumber and neufchatel cheese sushi, apricots, apples, oranges, grape tomatoes, raisins.

Today's triple bentos, right here! )
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chinese vegetable leftovers, canned baby corn under a crab container filled with soy/vinegar sauce. Carrots, turkey pepperoni, string cheese.
How do you like it? More, more, more! )

Note to all--Oscar Mayer dogs make bad octos! The best thing to use is cheapo cheese hot dogs for good curl!
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I had to run off to recital practice tonight, so Corey made his own bento box. He has a 12 hour shift tonight, so it's kind of big. I think he did a fine job! He has a natural aesthetic sense, I think.

He calls it the workin' man's bento. Simple and to the point!

here's mine from today, if you are curious. )
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First bento in actual bento boxes!

I figured Corey might revolt if I didn't give him another box. I think I'm going to buy him a second black skull box so he can stack them.

Octo dogs are a big hit around here!

tamales, octo dogs swimming over a stir fry veggie garden. Rosemary Triscuits, bologna and cheese blossoms, half heart eggs, and whole wheat mini fig newtons.
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I put a lot of work into the dumplings last night, so today I kept it pretty simple.

Hot box:
Cheese hotdog octopus with green onion eyes and mouth sits on a 'coral' bed of broccoli and other steamed veggies. Beneath that, a round of turkey sausage and several of the fried Chinese turkey leek dumplings.

Cold Box:
His: a cucumber flower on top of carrot sticks, lettuce, krabmeat and a film cannister filled with ranch dressing. (He doesn't like tomatoes and cucumber. I'm working on it!)

Hers: Two seasoned tomato ladybugs with black olive spots and heads (I had this idea, but I'm not crazy about how they turned out. I may change the heads next time, and use halved olives so that the spots are solid.) A bunch of cucumber flowers, lettuce, chunks of krabmeat.
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When we bought this house eight years ago, I found a box full of old cookie cutters in the cabinet. I called the lady that we bought the house from, and she said she didn't think they were hers, so they may have been around for a seriously long time! I went through them and got rid of ones I would probably never use, and put the rest away beck under the cabinet years ago. I completely forgot I had them, and they will be perfect for bento! I pulled them all out, and found a couple more I've picked up here and there on a whim, and also found two silicone baking cups, one a star and one a moon, that I bought with the intention of making offering cakes and then never got around to. I am inspired!

Look out for cool bentos!

I broke down and bought a couple of real bento boxes online, two pretty bento sets for me, one black with strawberries (yay!) and one blue with dragonflies. For Corey I bought one with a skull, and one with a koi fish, but neither of his are sets, so they will hopefully fit in his lunchbox. That's better anyway, someone would probably steal it if I got him a nice one! He has had his entire lunchbox stolen several times over the years! The fucked up part is that he would have totally given them some of his lunch if they were hungry and broke, because he's just that kind of guy. *sigh*

Here are pictures of the bento boxes I bought, in case you are curious. I want more, but I'm trying to control myself! )
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Click for bigger size

Today, I kept it pretty simple. It's nice to make the two of our lunches at once, because I find that it sets up better portion wise.

Celery and carrot sticks, dolmas wrapped in parchment, mini hot dogs underneath two cups of tzasiki (cucumber yogurt) sauce.

Heart half apple, half orange, half banana, and a container of caramel dipping sauce under a tiny tin with a spearmint inside. I'm looking forward to it!
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Orange slices, raisin box, and checkerboard half apple. Four dolmas (rice stuffed grape leaves) bundled in parchment paper, a cheeseburger on tortillas on top of an iceberg salad, with carved carrot plane and a cloud of ranch dressing in a little metal cup.

behind the cut is my bento for today, and the Picasso-esque one that I made for Corey last night. )


May. 7th, 2008 12:20 am
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Not so pretty as the last one, but it is midnight, give me a break. :-)

Two onigiri hedgehogs sniffing flowers of pickled egg white, filled with black olives. Seasoned tomato wedge fence, and some more of the sushi vinegar green bean salad. I found a Japanese coaster container that happens to fit my applesauce container perfectly.

I've got some pretty printed scarves, which I bought for my hair but ended up not wearing. I've been using these to tie up the bento in a pretty package with a knot on top. It makes it special, even though it's in cheap tupperware.


May. 5th, 2008 09:33 pm
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So, I've said I was going to try doing bento-style lunches before, but I never did because I started looking at the boxes and they were really cute but pricey. Then I saw the bento community on the LJ star page, and saw that they can still be awesome even in plain tupperware. Maybe I will buy boxes later, if this continues to be a trend. Behold, my first bento box, made for the hubby's lunch:

Heart-shaped onigiri (rice ball) stuffed with albacore marinated in store bought ginger dressing, nori (seaweed) eyes and mouth. These are so yummy, I don't think I will ever eat a tuna sandwich again! Underneath is a bed of leftover corn mixed with green beans dressed in sushi seasoned vinegar. In the red cup is a halved pickled egg, with pickled ginger between.

In the other box is a half apple of both Granny Smith and delicious apples, which I did not drizzle with lemon juice, so they will probably be brown by lunchtime, but oh well. Also a half an orange (used the rest of the fruit for my own bento for tomorrow). Under the orange is a mini box of raisins, and a dipping container of caramel for the apples.


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