Mar. 1st, 2010

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I'm home from Tribal Con, and I'm sure glad I'm off today, so I can do laundry and take some time to regroup.

I went with [ profile] maysun67 and [ profile] lepidopteragirl, and it was really great to get to hang out with them again. Poor Kimchee had all sorts of physical setbacks: a cold, an attack by a vicious sweater as well as a charge cord on the way home! Apparently she is still in good spirits though. Other than getting detoured on the way home because of a semi wreck on 24, I think Missy had a great time too.

Notable workshops for me were Ariellah's Artist Workshop and Megha's ATS fades class. From Ariellah I learned some cool combos and a couple of new stretches. At the end of class she read this awesome Rumi work, which I love and wanted to share with you guys, if you get this far:

A community of the Spirit )
Megha's class was a real killer for me physically, but I kept pushing as far as I could, because I was very interested in learning some good technique from her. She always reminds me of a graceful doe when she dances, like her feet barely touch the earth.

Donna Mejia was also an inspiration, a wonderful, intelligent woman with a lot to impart, as well as the highlight of the show for me. She is a joy to watch. From her I will probably use some of her continuous movement stretches, and also, I want to dig out my African dance DVD and give it another go. It is a real workout! Jen's yoga class on Saturday morning really felt wonderful, she is a real calming force for me every time I am near her. If she taught locally I might actually consider taking yoga regularly. I am trying out the classes at the cafe, which is a start.

This past winter has been a hard one as far as pain management and so I have been pretty inactive. I felt sluggish and out of shape, but I do feel much better for getting out and dancing again. In some ways, dance is like a faith and practice, that takes the same devotion as a religious pathwork. I felt like I had lost my faith over the winter, as though the dance was no longer for me somehow. I'm coming out of that dark place and now have renewed energy to get back into things again.

I really needed to go, it's been a few years since I've been able to afford to go to any events at all. I'm very glad that I splurged on myself and had fun, even though I was kind of worried beforehand about going at all. I also ran into some folks that I haven't seen in years, which was nice. I'm going to try and go again next year, I think it has a positive effect on me.

Photos are in a handy slideshow below. The artwork in the hotel was unpleasant and tasteless. Kim decided to hang some of her own artwork, which we deemed as better. Also, she put a lampshade on her head. Because she is a rockstar, and can do that sort of thing!


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