Dec. 27th, 2009

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Today Michael and I braved the crowds at Opry Mills and saw Avatar at the IMAX. Corey does not do crowds. Last week we saw it in Real 3D. I'd say IMAX is worth it when the crowds die down. We bought our tickets early and walked around the mall a bit. By the time we got to the movie, it had just started and there were no seats anywhere! So we went to the back of the room and sat on the carpet. It was actually kind of fun. It did not make me dizzy, and it wasn't loud and obnoxious like 300 was in IMAX. The experience is the same as Real 3D except the picture is crisper and the glasses are worse! Yes, I cried at the sad parts again! Jeez, embarrassing. When we were leaving there were already long lines of people waiting to get a good seat for the next show. So I'd say give it a week, or go on a weekday.

Also, walking around the mall, we had lots of people come up and ask me about dreads! It was actually pretty cool. Also, I finally got to eat at The Aquarium! I swear, I wanted to jump in the big tank and turn into a mermaid. I told Michael all the types of fish in the tank as we walked around. It was also very crowded, but we sat at the bar, which was nice and quiet. Expensive, but they have to pay for a lot of fish food I guess. :-)


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